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children, animals and the sounds of life

We hand raise and socialize our rabbits to


Rabbit's of the purse 

All of our rabbits are family to us. We provide them with the best care. Each individual has free roaming time daily. Lots of enrichment and multi level, textured surfaces to explore. Diets include first and second cut timothy hay and alfalfa for our juniors. Pellet food that is corn free along with leafy greens are given daily and limited fruits weekly. We add apple cider vinegar to their water on a biweekly basis to support digestive health. They share their homestead safely with children, dogs, cats and chickens. While we have quiet times of the day they are not sheltered to our daily hustle and bustle.    


In the nest box

We are members of the ARBA. It's is our goal to breed to that standard. While not every rabbit makes it to the show table pedigrees are available upon request (please check our terms and conditions). While some pictures on our website are of very young rabbits this is for cuteness factor only, rabbits do not leave the rabbitry until 8 weeks of age. Our Rabbitry is small and we do not take on more bunnies than we can hand raise and socialize. Breeding with purpose is very important to us.     

Bunny Bio


Mini Rex

Mini Rex rabbits are small typically between 3-4.5lbs. What makes this breed special is it's velvet fur, you have not pet a softer bunny. Their guard hairs and undercoat are the same length and each hair stands up straight leading to a plushy, fluffy wonderland. The breed was developed from the standard rex and recognized by the ARBA in 1988. The standard specifies that the body of a mini rex be smooth, compact and balanced.  Ears should be upright and close together. Shoulders, midsection and hindquarters firm. Mini rex's are relatively laid back buns living for relaxing nights on the couch with a lots of head pets. They also love exploring and are very curious. They will inspect a room from top to bottom. 



The ARBA provides a standard for each recognized rabbit breed. Characteristics for each breed are different. The organization gives guide lines for what should be signature in breeding. For example if you had a rabbit with a poor temperament and health issues you would not continue that genetic line. The ARBA website is a great place to start if you are looking for information about showing or specific breed standards. Another great place to look is local 4-H programs. Our rabbitry is ARBA recognized. 


Holland Lops

Holland Lops are a small breed ranging between 3-4lbs. They are delightful and fun, a ball full of energy. They have short floppy ears that are wide in the middle and round at the tip. Their head should be large and bold. ARBA recognized in 1979. The bodies of these little ones should be short, wide and thick. Hollands are typically very loving and affectionate. It is for these reasons the Holland lops make great family pets. Every bun has it's own personality but Holland lops make it very difficult not to fall in love with. Outgoing and their love of exploring will keep you entertained for hours. They are truly sweet natured with a teddy bear face and loped ears you will have a darling cuddle buddy.     

Hand Raised with love

Rabbits come in many colors with BIG personalities. They require just as much care as a dog or cat. They should not be left in a cage alone all day. And they have special diets. Rabbits can live to be ten years old, they are a commitment. We fell in love with Rabbits and we would love to tell you more about how that happened and help you decide if rabbit ownership is right for you!     


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